Thursday, January 28, 2010

cupcakes untuk kekasih

choose any design or create by your own creativity for the one you love!

1) X.O.X.O~

2) my soulmate~

3) dua insan bercinta~


4)  bunga-bunga cinta~

RM 25/box include small card + ribbon + clear box!
flavor: chocolate chip

copy this form and mail/sms to me

Phone No.:
Date to deliver/pick up:
Address(if want to delivery):
Color(maximum 4 color):
Payment method(prefer maybank):

full payment is required before we start to bake your cuppies.

hurry up guys!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

love is cinta

size: mini 25
RM 30


size: mini 25
RM 30


chocolate moist cake with edible
RM 55

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

hye everyone! happy twenty-ten!

and yeah

happy 1st birthday to swaa-swaygoodmorning!

i would like to thank to all my family esp my mum, my love, my friends and of course! to all my lovely customers! thank you thank you and thank you for your support!

i hope that my business will be more success towards the year..


riang ria semester break part 2


size: medium
price: RM 35/box



size: mini25
price: RM 30/box



size: medium
price: RM 65 / 25pcs



chocolate moist cake with ganache topping + butter cream decoration

RM 50


oreo cheese cake with edible image

2.0++ kg
RM 70

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